13:27-- Guest_8493: hy land
20:59-- DJ La Jolla: in the house
21:16-- chalkedup: eveing mate
21:19-- Guest_4002: Greetings brother!
Happy Friday ~~~~~!
21:25-- chalkedup: cheers bud and you, sounding sweet :thumb
21:26-- Guest_4002: YES I !!!!
21:26-- Guest_4002: Chalked, can you email my brother in NY?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
21:27-- Guest_4002: He can not get through to you !!!?!?!?!?
21:29-- chalkedup: yea sure, he should be able to though? cant see or think of any reason he wouldnt be able to
21:32-- Guest_4002: well you will make his day by sending him an email,
21:40-- chalkedup: cool no probs
21:41-- Guest_4002: :thumb
22:46-- Guest_4002: tECHNO TimE
22:49-- chalkedup: :thumb
22:59-- Guest_4002: That's it folks!!!!
23:01-- Guest_4002: Thanks for listening!
23:03-- chalkedup: excellent show mate
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