21:51-- Guest_8171: javascript:kide.insertSmile(':thumb')
21:51-- Guest_5857: he's come to the darkside
21:51-- Guest_8171: :thumb
21:53-- Guest_7795: yes!!!
21:57-- Guest_5857: nice
22:05-- Guest_5857: can you mix in any type of song
22:05-- Guest_5857: or does it have to be electronic
22:05-- Guest_5857: id go easy on you
22:07-- Guest_7795: try me
22:08-- Guest_1943: g2g kids, good work DJ La JoLLa
22:09-- Guest_5857: pod chargers anthem
22:10-- Guest_8171: :titty
22:11-- Guest_7795: g2g kids<---- is this an abbreviation?
23:00-- DJ La Jolla: Have a great weekend!!!
21:06-- DJ La Jolla: Hi, house music heads!
Please make a request...!
21:20-- chalkedup: evening bud
21:21-- Guest_7069: yo
22:16-- Guest_7069: ...time to pick it up!
22:56-- Guest_7069: peace out everyone
thank you for tuning in :)

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(