21:13-- Guest_7649: By the way your playing b2b with Filthy Fusion
21:14-- Guest_7649: ...you dont get a choice in the matter
21:14-- $imBa: lol... guess you'll have to!
21:14-- $imBa: i still can't read my messages... lolz
21:14-- Guest_7649: sorry
21:14-- Guest_7649: ...so there7
21:14-- $imBa: lolz! guess i got no choice then!
21:14-- $imBa: what a shame
21:15-- Guest_7649: i know you hate the bloke, hes a bit of a nob, but you will have to lump it
21:15-- $imBa: cool, i'm up for that!
21:16-- Guest_7649: ha ha well there you go ;)
21:26-- Barcode the dj: You have to pay a finders fee I'm afraid and I get half the royalties pimping my partner out
21:29-- Guest_7649: finders, who's keeping?
21:37-- $imBa: i actually feel a bit like im cheating....
21:38-- Guest_7649: ...shhhhh, give him a cooke, give him a cooke...
22:33-- Guest_7990: Cookie!
22:33-- Foo : Glad I get to catch the end..
22:34-- Foo : Play something decent for a change boys.
22:34-- Foo : Hehheehs
23:00-- chalkedup: well and truely raped lol great show lads

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(