21:07-- DJ La Jolla: Chalked up saved the show
21:08-- chalkedup: :thumb $imba did lol sorry about that
21:13-- Guest_2423: Thank you $imba
21:16-- Guest_4403: tune
21:23-- chalkedup: :titty
22:04-- Guest_1755: Hey hey!
22:04-- Guest_1755: Chris here
22:06-- Guest_2423: Hey Chris, and everybody...
this is an early 1980's track !!!
22:07-- Guest_2423: It usually is a little slower.......
like this.....
22:09-- Guest_2423: Kicking it back to 123 bpm..
22:10-- Guest_1755: I love your show Evan!
22:14-- Guest_2423: Wooooooooooooooooooo
22:27-- Guest_2423: 1984!!!! youtube
22:45-- chalkedup: :thumb
22:55-- Guest_2423: Thanks again, brother (chalked)
22:55-- Guest_2423: Thank you for listening!!
~DJ La Jolla
22:56-- chalkedup: excellent show mate :D
22:59-- Guest_2423: I had a great time
22:59-- Guest_2423: I'm DJing an 80th birthday party tomorrow downtown...
23:15-- chalkedup: have fun, dont go giving anyone a heart attack lol

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(