21:06-- Guest_1952: evening all
21:07-- Guest_1952: evening tex
21:10-- chalkedup: hello sam how are you?
21:12-- Guest_1952: im fine thanks u?
21:14-- chalkedup: im good cheers
21:14-- Guest_1952: i c the garden is coming along a treat
21:15-- chalkedup: yea getting there slowly
21:15-- Guest_1952: its lookn good
21:15-- chalkedup: the young lad who lives nextdoor liked the bar so much he wanted one, so ive built him a bar-in-a-box lol
21:16-- chalkedup: cheers, pleased with how the furniture is coming out so far
21:17-- Guest_1952: yes very clever
21:19-- chalkedup: been up to much?
21:21-- Guest_1952: working mostly ..odd day out with friends
21:21-- chalkedup: cool
22:59-- Guest_1952: :thumb
23:00-- chalkedup: :titty
23:00-- chalkedup: excellent show mate cheers for playing, night sam
23:01-- Guest_9169: Good night!!!
23:01-- chalkedup: :thumb
23:04-- Guest_1952: night tex

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(